Beginner’s Guide to Posting Free Classified Ads Online

Free classified ads online have been gaining popularity especially to small time companies and individuals who offer goods that do not fit in the regular marketplace such as pets, used vehicles, apartments, and jobs. These goods are, in most cases, accessible to all users in any target area, thus the better chances of exposure. It is but a common knowledge that advertisement is among the most effective tools to reach potential customers. Businesses just cannot rely on referrals or word of mouth to spread the good news about their products and services. Traditionally, it costs a lot to advertise a commodity. However, through the internet, everything is almost possible and at times—free.

Classified Ads and Free Classified Ads Online Explained

Classified advertisements, or simply classified ads, are short advertisements usually published in newspapers. Nowadays, advertisements are posted online and made viewable to all users that have access to the internet. Advertisements are a way to introduce a product or service, or what entice customers to buy or want to buy it. As with newspapers, classified ads are posted online at a certain fee, although some websites may allow initial postings free of charge. There are a lot of other portals however, where businesses can post classified ads at no cost. Free classified ads online are what earns pervasive exposure to commodities, and bridges the gap—may it be time and location, between sellers and buyers.

How to Post Free Classified Ads Online

Free Classified Ads Online

To post free classified ads online is just as easy as to post a usual blog item. Certain restrictions may apply, but these are not as strict as those associated with other media like the newspaper, radio, and television. It does not require any sort of legal, nor bind vendors into a contract, unless these vendors would like to take advantage of extended privileges and are willing to pay the cost that comes with it. But of course, before vendors can place free classified ads online, there should be terms and conditions to agree with. First is that, vendors will have to be 18 years old and above to register, and that the ads to be posted does not contain anything that is inappropriate.

Free classified ads online have to follow certain criteria to get posted. Depending on website, classified ads may be viewable for a week or month, and will automatically be deleted from the list after a specified period. In this case, the company or individual will have to renew the classified ad posted before the deadline lapses. This way, the website is able to prevent outdated classified ads from bulking up in the database, and allow vendors to monitor their postings from time to time. Some websites limit the postings to one ad per vendor within a certain time; while others may offer longer duration, again this may entail a price.

Registration in free classified ads online is always a must. Here, the user will have to nominate a username and password, and enter name and email address. Each time the user needs to access its account, username and password will be used to log in. For those who are always worried about junk mails, the website should guarantee that the email address will be used for communication purposes only—that is, between the user and the website owner, and that it will not be shared or disclosed to third parties. During the registration, the user may identify itself as either the vendor/trader or buyer/shopper. Once completed, the vendor/trader may start posting free classified ads online under the right categories.

Free Classified Ads Online

It should also be noted that free classified ads online have to be very brief, thus should contain only the most important details. Word count regulations vary depending on the website, and standard formatting may need to be observed. For most free online classified ads websites, the title is in bold letters—stating the specific commodity being offered. Right below the title is a short description of the commodity, usually consists of about 50 words. It is often recommended to include in the description a call to action phrase that tells of what customers should do to know more about the product/service and what number or email address to reach. Free classified ads online may also permit slotting in a link to the vendor’s own website provided it does not lead to another classified ads, pornographic, or malicious website.

Online free classified ads is very helpful both to companies and individuals aiming to increase their sales, and to customers who wish to find the right product/service for their exact needs. Unlike commercials aired on TV, classified ads are deliberately searched on by customers who, most of the time, intend to buy once they found the commodity that matches their needs and preferences. Registration is a “no sweat”, more so the actual posting of the classified ads. Although there are some restrictions that must be complied with, these restrictions are but standards to protect the sellers, the buyers, and the free classified ads online.



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