Make Money from Home using Free Classified Ads

Phrases such as ‘Earn money from home’, ’earn money online’ or ‘earn money with free classified ads’ are pretty common these days. We read them so often that they don’t sound much exciting now. Then there is a fair share of horror stories bringing the credibility of such claims further down. Yet, there are still a number of success stories which actually leave us wondering if we could be that lucky too.

To be really honest, making money using online free classified ads is not about luck. There are people who are earning thousands of dollars every month just because they know how to. So, based on what we have learn from those successful ‘gold-diggers’, here is a little guide on how you can post free classified ads and earn money from home.

Using Affiliate Marketing

Free Classified AdsWith affiliate marketing on the rise, this is one of the best ways to profit from your online endeavour. By helping others to sell a product online, you can earn a commission on the sales. You can check out providers like Amazon Associates and ClickBank. Everything from product sourcing, marketing and receiving commissions can be done at the comfort at your home. However, do not mistake working at home as an easy or fast way to make a quick buck. You have to be realistic in your goals. It requires time, work and effort in order to get your money machine running. If you are persistent and willing to learn, I believe you can succeed making money online.

Effective Marketing using Free Classified Ads

After finding a product you would like to sell, the next step is to market on the Internet. You could make use of classified ads websites to achieve this objective. There are many of them but look for ones where you can post free classified ads. Look for a reputable site or free classified ads list. You can find out about the reputation online reviews and the number of views. Also it is very important to keep in mind the nature of product you are promoting. Look out for number of similar products and users’ response and comments for that product. If you are able to see a lot of fresh comments on the website, you have landed at the right place.

Write an Attention Grabbing Headline

Free classified ads list and websites are full of various types of advertising. Of course there are many people hoping to earn money through them. You can make your ad stand out by using an attention grabbing headline. It should be something which can easily arouse curiosity to click and learn more about the product. Be as creative as you can but in the meantime makes sure the headline truly defines the product without being dishonest.

Use Appropriate and Attractive Formatting

Don’t underestimate the power of formatting. Your online free classified ads post might go unnoticed if they don’t highlight their qualities properly. Feel free to use bold formatting to emphasize on what you think customers might be attracted to. Word such as ‘discount’ or ‘free’ are real eye-poppers in this aspect.

Maintain a Consistent Habit

Online free classified ads offer easy money making opportunities. Yet, it doesn’t mean you can simply post free classified ads and watch your account growing. You will have to post consistently. It’s more like a part time job. Post on multiple free classified ads sites and lists, and keep a check on the traffic flow. While this will open multiple income streams, it will also let you know what works best.

Free Classified Ads Don’ts

Finally, it is best to stay away from a few serious ‘don’ts’ of free classified ads. When using classified ads website, make sure you stick to their rules and regulations in order to avoid getting banned. One scar in your online reputation may ruin your whole ‘career’. In general, be extremely honest and never ever promote a product you don’t trust yourself.

With these starter tips, you can easily be the next online success story. However, you must never forget that the key to success lies in patience, consistency and honesty. If you think you’ve got all of them, start posting some free classified ads now.


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